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Policies with regard to human resources & the local community

Protur Hotels with regard to its Social Responsibility, strives on a daily basis to promote mutual respect and fair treatment towards its employees and also towards the Community within which it operates.


At Protur Hotels we are very conscious of the importance of offering our guests a quality service. We are able to do so thanks to the people who make up our workforce. In order to guarantee the well being and loyalty of our team of workers, we must assume certain responsibilities such as:

  • Ensure that we comply with the established Equality Plan whose main objective is to make sure that the company treats men and women as equal and the eliminates any sex discrimination.
  • Carry out, at all times, a pay and employment policy that is within the legal framework.
  • Encourage ongoing staff training as a good way of enhancing professional development.
  • Make known the Career Plan established by the company so that workers are encouraged and have the opportunity to develop their skills and seek promotion within the company.
  • Promote Policies that encourage a fluid communication between workers and the company.
  • Respect the right of the workers to associate with and be members of unions.
  • Provide employees with benefits tto help increase their level of care and well being.
  • Promote the integration into the workplace of people with disabilities in collaboration with various charitable Foundations.


  • Protur Hotels contributes to the conservation and improvement of the community where it operates by carrying out activities such as:
  • Taking into account and respecting the opinion of the local community when making business decisions.
  • Allowing the local community to use services & facilities.
  • Promoting the conservation of the local environment and actively contributing to its care by offering cleaning and gardening services free of charge.
  • Invite our guests to discover our favourite places and our culture through our cuisine, our concerts and our exhibitions of works of art by well known local artists that hang on the walls of our buildings.
  • Use as much local produce as we can so as to boost our local economy.
  • Make donations to help those who have drug problems.
  • Take part in campaigns that ask for food donations to distribute to soup kitchens.
  • Donate rooms & services.
  • Collaborate with a local charity by contracting them to provide services.

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