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Protur Natura Farm

Visit the Protur Natura Farm in  Sa Coma and discover a unique place in one of the biggest resorts in Majorca. There are 4 different routes to take on our guided tours where visitors can see examples of animals that are native toMajorca as well as our organic garden and lots of vegetation. 

A special mention should be made to the sponsoring of trees by those visitors who wish to help us to re-populate this area that was damaged by a severe storm that hit the island a few years ago. With their help we are planting trees that are native to Majorca and we promise to look after them. The sponsors can give them a name and put the date that they decided to sponsor them. This is an example of how with just a little we can do a lot if we just put our mind to it.

Guided visit from Monday to Saturday, meeting point: CLUB HOUSE

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