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Enviromental Charter Protur Hotels'

Protur Hotels is totally committed to pursuing sustainable development whose main objective is to protect and conserve the Environment.
The fundamental principles that make up our ENVIRONMENTAL CHARTER are:

1. Incorporate the issue of the environment in the planning & development of all our actions and activities.

2. Adopt preventative, control & corrective measures, optimising the use of our natural resources and reducing the generating of carbon emissions as well as taking any other proactive measure.

3. Comply with the legislation in force with regard to the environment as pertaining to our activities.

4. Train staff & raise their awareness of any environmental issue that may arise, engaging them to apply our environmental charter policies in all their actions.

5. Promote a fluid dialogue between the staff and the society at large.

6. Promote good practices between suppliers & clients.

7. Our firm and unwavering commitment to constantly strive to make improvements within the framework of our Environmental Management System.

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