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Discover Mallorca on your Bike

Mallorca is one of the destinations par excellence for cycling enthusiasts, from professionals to amateurs, since the island offers routes suited to all levels.

Why Mallorca? In Mallorca, winter temperatures are mild, it offers beautiful natural landscapes and has cycling routes to suit all.

Protur Hotels offers different hotel accommodation options, all fully adapted to the needs of sports enthusiasts.

Among the facilities on offer is a complete Cycling Centre, in which, in addition to being able to deposit bicycles in a secure environment, you can check routes, prepare your outings, get provisions as well as cleaning or repairing your bicycle.

Hotels with Centres: Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotels & Spa, Protur Nasia Palma Hotel and Protur Roquetas Hotel & Spa.

  • Cycling in Mallorca

    Sa Coma, Mallorca

    Live it up in Mallorca on two wheels! Enjoy one of the destinations, par excellence, for cycling. Book your holidays at

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