Sala DUO at the Biomar Spa
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Sala DUO at the Biomar Spa

Biomar Spa

Sala DUO at the Biomar Spa «Turkish Delight»
Aromas & texures that will transport you to other worlds..... as well as leaving you with silky soft skin.

Our new DUO lounge offers a new way to enjoy our SPA as a couple. It offers a space where you can enjoy the relaxing pampering of our therapists as a couple, each of you enjoying your treatment simultaneously in surrounds that have been specially designed so that nothing interrupts this special time together and helps make up for the time that, due to pressure of work, you are not always able to dedicate to each other.

TROPICAL BAMBOO: Exotic aromas & textures. That generate a state of deep relaxation. Combined with the soft touch of bamboo canes...

  • Hamman with eucatyptus
  • Body exfoliant with bamboo peeling
  • Tropical tub
  • Relaxation massage with hot bamboo canes 70’
  • Relaxing moments (in our bali bed)
  • Cava, fruit brochettes, regular or herbal tea

Duration : 2h. 30min. Approx.

DUO lounge in Biomar Spa "Ritual "Tropical Bamboo"

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