2º Comastock Kids FestivalSa Coma - Majorca
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2º Comastock Kids Festival

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Sa Coma

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".... and now it's the kids' turn"

We don't stop!! ....not long since the end of the 5th Smooth Jazz Festival in the Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa....and now we're preparing the 2nd Edition of our "Comastock" FestivaL, an afternoon-evening of fun especially for families at Protur Hotels!!

This year we're putting all our efforts into making sure that both kids & adults have a great time and so we're already busy getting ready all kinds of leisure activities, music, workshops etc... the countdown begins!!!

2º Comastock Kids Festival Protur Hotels 2016



In August it's the anniversary of the mythical WOODSTOCK MUSIC & ART FESTIVAL - 1969.

It revolutionised not just music but the way we understood life.

This is our modest and witty tribute to all that it symbolised and whose values are so important:

This coming August 12th COMASTOCK Kids Festival at the CLUB PROTUR SA COMA RESORT

Here's how our 1st Comastock  Festival went.

Programme of the 2nd Edition of our Comastock Festival coming soon!

Comastock Kids Festival Protur Hotels

Hotels available for this offer

  • Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa

    Sa Coma Majorca

  • Protur Vista Badía Aparthotel

    Sa Coma Majorca

  • Protur Safari Park Aparthotel

    Sa Coma Majorca

  • Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa

    Sa Coma Majorca

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